Benefits of CSR-Friendly Incentive Travel Trips

Incentive Travel

Incentive TravelMany companies have been using incentive travel programs for years now in an effort to motivate their employees. But more and more these days, companies are choosing to send their employees on incentive travel trips while also keeping corporate social responsibility in mind. Employees are getting the chance to visit unique locations while, at the same time, giving back to the communities they visit in some way.

There is a lot of merit in CSR-friendly incentive travel. Check out some examples below.

People get to make a real difference in the places they visit

During CSR-friendly incentive travel trips, companies will usually link up with organizations in certain locations in order to find a task their employees can complete. In some cases, employees will build a library or house for someone in need. In others, they’ll renovate a school or put the finishing touches on an orphanage. Regardless, the goal will be for employees to visit someplace nice while also making a difference in the community before they leave. Everyone wins in this scenario.

They also get to bond with their fellow employees while they work

When employees volunteer during CSR-friendly travel trips, they do more than just help those in the local community. They also help their team grow stronger by working together to complete the task at hand. Employees will form close bonds while they work and learn new skills when it comes to cooperating with others.  The trip will also become an important “shared” memory.

They still get to enjoy their time and relax

Although CSR-friendly travel trips call for employees to spend most of their time volunteering, they’ll also be able to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the local scenery and culture. It’ll serve as a reward for a job well done and help them to recharge before returning back to work.

Many people feel a renewed sense of company pride when their employer utilizes CSR-friendly incentive travel programs. HPM Associates can tell you more about how these programs can benefit both you and your employees. Call us at 305-274-0030 for more information on our incentive travel options.