Employee Retention Part 2: How Incentive Travel Can Help Solve Employee Retention Issues

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In part 1 of the employee retention series, we discussed how company appreciation travel is a great way to keep your workers satisfied and thriving within their positions. But what about incentive travel, where employees must work efficiently and meet certain goals to receive a chance to go on a company trip?

Here are a few ways incentive travel programs can help businesses reward their employees for a job well done and inspire others to work harder while decreasing employee resignations.

Continually Motivates Employees

Every organization wants to fill its ranks with engaged, motivated employees constantly striving to improve and deliver beyond expectations. But finding methods and means of inspiring employees to perform is an ongoing struggle. As each year passes, new information and trends emerge that shed light on innovative ways to motivate staff. Increasingly, it’s becoming clear that experiential rewards are highly effective as a motivational tool, even more than cash!

Travel can inspire more effort and motivation during late nights or tough times at work. Employees who have already benefited from travel incentives will remember their experiences, the exotic locations, the delicious food, and the exciting activities, and they will work hard to benefit once more. This is great news for the company and productivity levels in general.

Improves Company Loyalty

Loyalty is an ongoing concern for all businesses. Travel can work wonders, leaving employees feeling more rested, less anxious, and more included. Studies have shown that employees are happier for weeks afterward when they return from vacations. Morale is key in creating loyal employees, so if your employees are content, fulfilled, and engaged at the office, they will want to stick around for years to come!

Enhances Company Culture & Reputation

A company’s culture is very important, so much so that many companies are now hiring a Chief Culture Officer as the head of organizational culture. Subcultures are formed as people get rewarded or meet their most important needs in their departments or project teams. If your company gains a reputation for looking after its employees, it can improve and enhance your company culture. Not only is your company offering employees great perks through incentive travel, but they are also acknowledging the importance of healthy breaks away from the office.

Employees need to take regular breaks to perform their best. We tend to be our most productive after a vacation. Providing great opportunities for long-deserved breaks away from work will help your company develop a reputation for promoting and supporting mental wellness and health.

By incorporating an incentive travel program into your company, you will vastly improve your company culture. Happy employees stick around. Money, bonuses, and raises simply don’t offer the same value or long-term benefits. When rewarded with travel incentives, employees generally feel much more appreciated and trusted, resulting in greater loyalty to their organizations.

Whether you incorporate company appreciation or incentive travel into your business, HPM Associates is here to help! We have the knowledge and resources you need to plan the perfect travel program, and we will take care of every detail, large or small!

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