How to Motivate Virtual Workers

Tips for Motivating Remote Workers

Studies have shown that about 70 percent of people all across the world work remotely at least once every week. There are also a lot of companies that are bringing employees on board and asking them to work remotely every day. This can help cut your company’s costs while still providing you with the manpower you need. But it can also present challenges as far as keeping your remote employees motivated.

Here are some simple ways to offer motivation to your virtual employees:

Let remote employees know exactly what is expected of them

Before someone starts working for you from a remote location, you should be very clear about what you’re expecting from them. If they’re going to be expected to be by their computers and phones at certain times of the day, tell them so they know what to expect. Make sure you set clear deadlines for them from the beginning as well so that they’re able to manage their time on their own and finish whatever it is you need them to do.

Communicate with remote employees often and offer feedback

In addition to letting your remote employees know what you expect from them at the very beginning, you should also stay in touch with them and set up regular calls and video chats to touch base. When you speak with them, you should offer any feedback you might have, both good and bad, on how they’re doing. This will hold them more accountable for their actions and keep them motivated to do their best work.

Extend promotions to your best remote employees

Just because someone is working remotely doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to the same growth opportunities as those working at your physical location. If you have employees that go above and beyond and prove their worth at your company, you should strongly consider giving them a promotion and/or a raise to show how much you appreciate their hard work.

Set up incentive travel programs for those working remotely

Outside of extending promotions and raises to remote employees, you can also motivate them to work hard by putting incentive travel programs into place. These programs will give your remote employees a chance to earn free trips based on how well they perform at work. They’ll work harder for you when they know that it could lead to a trip to an exotic location in the end!

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