How Your Incentive Strategy Can Drive Business Outcomes

Incentive Travel Programs

Happy New Year! If you’re a business owner, here’s a tip for the New Year: use incentives to make your business goals a reality.

Here’s how your incentive strategy can drive business outcomes:

Match your incentive strategy to your goals

In order to make your incentive strategy work for your company, make sure your strategy is a good fit for your goals. For example, if you know that product knowledge drives sales, base your incentive strategy around your employees acquiring that knowledge by running quizzes and/or product knowledge team competitions on a regular basis.

Build in non-financial measures

Focusing exclusively on sales can leave out the things that make your business successful in the long term. Incentivize factors like customer satisfaction and brand loyalty as well.

Choose the right type of reward

Select incentives that really motivate your top employees. Everyone likes to earn more money, of course, but luxury travel is also a great incentive. Incentive travel programs convey prestige, give employees the opportunity to spend time and network with other high achievers. In addition to resulting in lasting, positive memories associated with success, these programs will engender a greater degree of loyalty to you and your company. 

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