Is It More Productive to Offer Incentives to Employees or Customers?

With all the great corporate incentive opportunities out there, it can be difficult to determine if your business would benefit more from an employee or customer-oriented plan. Before HPM Associates can put our resources to work for you and design the best program to fit your company’s needs, take the time to explore the advantages of both options!

Customer Incentives

Offering incentives to your customers is an excellent way to show them you appreciate their business. Cultivate a positive company brand by making customers feel valued. Encouraging your customers with rewards for their time and money will ensure they walk away feeling like they’ve had a good service experience.

Happy, satisfied customers are also the key to a successful business! Keep customers coming back and encourage loyalty in a whole new pool of clientele by incentivizing their decision to choose you every time. The more customer satisfaction your company fosters, the more you will see that gratification reflected in your revenue and profits.

Employee Incentives

Rewarding your employees for a job well done is a surefire way to keep them feeling respected and appreciated! Not only do incentive programs give your employees something to work towards, but they can also cultivate strong working relationships between you and your employees, and your employees with each other.

Incentive programs for your workers will encourage loyalty to your business the same way they do for customers. You’ll experience greater employee retention and less turnover. Use incentives to motivate your staff to meet and exceed sales and customer service goals. We all know that happy employees lead to good customer service experiences, satisfied customers, and ultimately greater dividends.

Which incentive program is best for my company?

The answer to whether targeting customers or employees with your incentives will be more effective in cultivating your business will ultimately depend on your goals and objectives.

If your organization is based in customer care, incentivized employees will produce more positive customer interactions because they care about their job. However, if your profits are based off of repeated business from loyal, satisfied customers, you might benefit more from the direct approach of a customer incentive plan.

Whether you decide to prioritize employee or customer satisfaction, the positive effects of incentive programs will permeate your entire business model. At HPM Associates, we use our experience and industry connections to help you develop a successful plan to reward employees and customers alike! Contact us at (305) 274-0030 to find out more about the incentive travel solution services we have to offer!