Keeping Employees Inspired at Year End

Corporate Incentive Planning Services in North Carolina

Finding motivation at the office can be challenging as the end of the year approaches. Employees are worn out from a long year, workload usually picks up, and on top of it all is the added stress of preparing for the holidays.

You might be tempted to let office motivation fall to the wayside as your own end-of-year responsibilities pile up, but it’s important to cultivate an inspiring and gratifying work environment year-round to keep your business productive and profitable. Use well-planned and stimulating incentives to encourage employees to keep working hard on those cold winter mornings the end of the year brings!

Reward productivity.

Recognize hard work verbally.

Be particularly open with praise and positive feedback as the year wraps up to remind employees that they’re doing a good job—and inspire them to continue doing so. Single them out at an office meeting or meet with them privately to acknowledge their valuable contributions to the company. The more they feel like their work matters during this demanding time, the more motivated they’ll be to keep it up.

Offer tangible incentives.

There’s nothing like a big holiday bonus to persuade your workers to keep their productivity levels high. Or better yet, offer them a unique and worthwhile experience in exchange for their efforts with an incentive travel program! A relaxing tropical getaway or chance to explore an enticing destination is a valuable prize to get your employees moving.

Give them something to look forward to.

Plan a destination event.

Hold a special destination training at the end of the year or plan your annual conference at a luxurious resort for the beginning of next year. Book a motivational speaker and plan fun, team-building activities for your team to get excited about. This way, the end of the year signals the arrival of something enjoyable and not just a continuous workload with no foreseeable end.

Throw a holiday party.

A corporate holiday party is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year and give your employees something to look forward to! Encourage them to work hard by giving them a chance to let loose and showing them how much their happiness means to you.

At HPM Associates, we understand the end of the year can be a stressful time. Let us simplify the planning process of your incentive travel program, meeting or conference so you can keep your employees motivated without worrying about the details.

Give yourself the gift of profits and productivity for your business this holiday season and call the professionals at HPM Associates at 305-274-0030 today!