Top U.S. Incentive Travel Destinations to Consider for Your Next Program

Shops Along Cobblestone Street in Savannah, GA at Twilight

When companies are planning their incentive programs, they most often have their minds on destinations far and foreign. Mexico; Italy; Greece; Iceland; these are the kind of alluring and romanticized countries that people think of first for a memorable travel experience. But did you know that we have some amazing and enticing destinations right here in our own backyard?

Incentive travel within the U.S. is becoming more and more popular as people are discovering hidden gems placed all over the country. Check out a few of the top trending domestic spots!

Napa Valley

The famous California wine country is the perfect combination of charming, contemporary, and cultural. Napa Valley offers gorgeous scenery, quaint shops, an animated music and art scene, and plenty of fun activities like hot air ballooning, hiking, culinary tours and, of course, authentic vineyard wine tastings. Enjoy the nostalgia of your surroundings and then head back to your luxury hotel or hit a lavish area spa for some pampering and relaxation.


Savannah, Georgia is a breathtaking coastal city that has been an overlooked travel destination for too long. The cobblestone roads, Old Town Trolley tours, and antebellum architecture give it a historic charm that will make you feel like you’re stepping directly into the 1800s. But there’s plenty of modern fun too in the form of world-famous southern cuisine, a lively cocktail culture, haunted history attractions, and a chic art and fashion scene.


The state of Colorado has so much to offer, it’s hard to choose just one spot. Colorado is rising in popularity quickly thanks to its convenient combination of thriving city life around Denver and Boulder and a treasure trove of magnificent mountains. Your guests can enjoy as much urban food, drink, art, music, and culture as they’d like, then shift gears and go hiking, whitewater rafting, or partake in another thrilling outdoor activity.

All-Inclusive Ranches

If you’re looking to give your employees or customers a one-of-a-kind travel experience that offers the simplicity of nature as well as the luxury of a resort, then an all-inclusive ranch is the way to go. Throughout the south and midwestern U.S. in states like Idaho, Texas, Wyoming, Arizona, Montana, and Colorado, all-inclusive ranches are becoming more ubiquitous. At these ranches, you’ll find elegant and rustic lodgings with lavish amenities surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, outdoor recreation, and the tranquility of nature.

A successful incentive program is one that inspires your employees or clients to meet the goals you put forth and rewards them for a job well done. At HPM Associates, we can help you make that a reality with our incentive travel planning services.

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