Why You Should Start Planning Your 2022 Incentive Travel Programs Now

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The past year has been challenging and unconventional, to say the least. For travel lovers and anyone working in the travel or tourism industry, the impact of the pandemic has been devastating. But thankfully, with vaccine distribution underway and many countries’ successful efforts to lower case numbers, we can finally start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

While the fate of 2021 travel is still up in the air, 2022 seems like a pretty safe bet at this point. Consider these reasons why you should start looking ahead and planning your 2022 travel incentive programs now, rather than later!

Take advantage of COVID-19-related specials.

Again, the travel and tourism industries took a big hit in 2020 that will continue well into this year, which means they’re looking for ways to make up for it. A lot of hotels, resorts, airlines, and tourist attractions are offering discounts and special perks for future travelers booking now. Many all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, for example, are offering cheaper nights and bonus credits for spas, food, and drink.

Bookings are already starting to fill up.

People have been cooped up in their homes for the last year and are eager to take a trip as soon as it’s safe. With all of these restless travelers making plans now—in combination with the rescheduling of a year’s worth of canceled trips—flights, accommodations, and activities around the world are booking heavily into late 2021 and beyond to 2022. Especially for companies planning incentive trips for larger groups of employees, you’ll need to start thinking about booking now to guarantee good accommodations and access to activities.

Give employees something to look forward to.

Motivation during these bleak and turbulent times is more important than ever. Offering your employees something they can work toward, like an incentive travel trip for next year, can provide their own personal light at the end of the tunnel. A stay at a resort or the chance to explore a dream destination gives them an “end point” to the madness that makes it easier to push through now to keep working—and working hard.

After all the stress of the last year, why don’t you let somebody else worry about the details of your next incentive travel program? At HPM Associates, incentive travel planning is one of our specialties. With an expansive network of resources in the travel industry at our disposal, we can help you develop a program that inspires employees or clients to do whatever needs to be done to be a part of this unique travel adventure.

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